A Class Act He’s Not

In the continuing adventures of The 2010 Election Story That Goes Unreported, in the heart of the Rust Belt known as Michigan’s 12th Congressional district, a food bank was recently opened.  A beautiful thing, this; neighbors stepping up and taking on the responsibility to help neighbors in what is the worst district in the nation for loss of income, loss of jobs and loss of home values.

Two of the candidates running for the House seat in this most-battered and beleagured of blue districts recently attended the opening of this small, grassroots charitable effort.  The wealthy incumbent Democrat, Sander Levin, annointed by progressive liberal Nancy Pelosi to be the chair of the House Ways & Means Committee due to his 28-year seniority in the House, took a break from campaigning for his colleagues in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois to return to his district and make a brief appearance.

His GOP challenger, small business owner Don Volaric, was there, too.  The same way he has been at the church that opened the food bank on numerous Sunday mornings.  He brought with him boxes of foodstuffs purchased by his wife to help fill the shelves of the sorely-needed pantry.

Sander Levin showed up with only a photographer to record his appearance.