9/11: Islam Comes Out Of The Closet

As I write this, those astonishing, gut-wrenching moments after the first plane hit the World Trade Center in New York had just begun.  Personally, I was almost home after being told that morning’s meeting had been abruptly cancelled and I should not come into the office but instead return straight home and await further word.

Like for so many of us, the horrors of the next hour unfolded within the confines of my television screen; this was the stuff of which movies are made but the relentless news reports turned our world upside-down and pounded home the realization that while this was the stuff conjured by twisted, hateful minds, there would be no escape by turning off the television.  This was our new and surreal reality.  The ancient war between Christian and Muslim had come out of the closet and the cheering in the streets of the Middle East at the deaths of so many innocents could naught but seal the fate of modern Islam for all who cherish liberty.

Today, as memories that always lurk just below the surface needfully come to the fore, I cannot imagine America’s fate had the current administration been in place.  While it is true that GW had many faults, on 9/11 he stepped up in his role as leader of the greatest nation ever known to mankind and the comfort he provided then remains even now.  It was not in him as an American patriot to bow to the tyranny that Islam hides behind a guise of religious clothing; it was not in him as an American patriot to blame America for her strength, her wealth, her goodness born of allowing people to live freely.  And on that day he represented Americans as we would properly be represented:  with liberty and justice for all under the rule of law, not the rule of man.

There are many who will write with more eloquence of the events of this day; many will be the tears shed yet again as we attempt to heal a wound that can never be healed.  Many will speak of the loss of American innocence on that awful day but I would put forth that our innocence was already long gone by 9/11 and instead it was on that day as the Twin Towers fell in New York that those fundamental things that would make the United States a force to be reckoned with back in 1776 began to rise in a national consciousness willingly beaten down by the selfish lies of the progressive liberal ideology.  That we had so lost our way we elected an inexperienced, unvetted socialist as president in 2008 and filled Congress with communist sympathizers was our healing crisis; much like when an abscess finally bursts and the putrid pus becomes visible so has the antithesis to the dreams of the Founders reared its ugly head and now rushes along out in the open, hell-bent on destroying our lives.

In November 2010 we took a first swipe at that sticky oozing.  If we would truly honor those who died on 9/11, particularly those on United Airlines Flight 93 who looked the evil that is Islam in its eyes over the fields of Pennsylvania and chose to sacrifice themselves to protect the rest of us simply because they believed in an America as put forth by the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, we will dig out the core of the abscess in November 2012 and thereby begin proper restoration of the Republic.

God bless all of those who died on this day in 2001.

God bless the United States of America.