Unions Use Your Tax Dollars To Lobby For Higher Taxes

If this weren’t true, it would be funny in a Twilight Zone sort of way.  Instead, it makes an ironically appropriate post for Labor Day.

A mere 7% of American workers belong to a union, but just over half of that 7% (52%) are public-sector union workers.  Meaning, you and I are the ones paying their higher-than-private-sector salaries and benefits.

Out of those taxpayer-funded higher-than-private-sector salaries are paid the public-sector union worker’s dues.  Meaning, you and I are the ones paying the unions to represent them.

And the tax-payer supported unions are using dues to lobby for higher taxes.

Why?  So there is more money available to raise the already higher-than-private-sector salaries of the unionized public workers since growth of government is the only way unions are able to grow their membership these days (and thereby significantly enrich their organizers, all their bashing of “fat cat corporate executives” aside).

Any wonder politicians think the electorate are essentially stupid?

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