Gitmo, Guns, and Goodness

There are several online news articles today about how Democrats and liberals are starting to look like Bambi in the headlights as their pet projects, closing Gitmo and restricting citizen access to guns, go down in red, white, and blue Conservative flames.  They can’t fathom why Pater Obama can’t find the right words from the God speaking through his teleprompter to coerce or condemn Congress into going along with these two most nefarious plans.

Let me put it into a nutshell for them:  AMERICANS WANT TO BE SAFE.  That means we don’t want even “suspected” terrorists on American soil.  And that means we want our guns even more when our government is wack enough to consider setting even “suspected” terrorists loose in our streets, let alone to safeguard ourselves from the usual suspects.

Let me put it another way, at least about so-called “gun control”:  PROHIBITION FAILED.  The war on drugs has failed, too.  Even the most fascist regime will concede the power of the black market.  What Americans do NOT want is for criminals – and especially those inside the government – to have more access to guns than they do.

The Second Amendment is quite clear: 

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

In legal and all other lingo, “shall not” is an absolute.  An absolute is a point upon which there can be no debate.  This means that the intentions of the Founders are crystal clear and in perhaps their greatest moment of wisdom, of goodness, they deliberately left no wiggle room on this one.  The 2nd Amendment is a right that SHALL NOT be infringed.  Period.  It has been well-argued elsewhere that this is one of the most basic, key, and fundamental rights upon which then hinges everything else in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  For it is he who controls the means of life or death of another that effectively controls all, and in order to prevent tyranny and its inherent abuses, at the birth of this nation this control was laid squarely – absolutely – in the hands of we, the people.

In even the blackest of the tiniest of progressive liberal hearts, the absolute of “SHALL NOT” is understood at an instinctive level, for it is the one thing that allows blithering idiocies about Gitmo and guns to be spoken aloud and argued.  But when all the words have been spoken, it is those two little words that not only really and truly mean something, but, in fact, mean the most.

Call them the trump card, if you will.  And so it is that the Democrats and liberals find themselves hoisted upon their own petard.

Bummer, Bambi.

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