Sleeping With The Enemy

In the real world, the sins of omission are equal to, if not greater, than the sins of commission.  Now we are watching the unfolding of a truly dangerous example:  the United States pretending to sleep through preparations for U.N.’s Durban II “anti-racism” conference in late April.  Please note for the record that since Durban I (2000), the United States (both Democrat and Republican administrations) has flat-out refused to participate  in this, rightly citing its openly anti-Israel agenda.

One of the best analyses of U.S. participation in the process was posted yesterday by Anne Bayefsky in Forbes.  In it, she details the administration’s deafening silence in the process of drafting critical declarations for Durban II.  That Obama even sent our administration to the table is an affront to human rights.  That our representatives sat there in utter silence and allowed Palestine to include previously-dismissed wording directed at Israel, as well as remain silent when Iran objected to wording that would condemn those who would deny the Holocaust ever happened is unconscionable.  Even when prompted for a response to Iran’s objections by the chair, not one of them uttered a single word

Mark these words:  Obama and his new administration of “change” intends to allow the United Nations to throw Israel under the proverbial bus.  With Iran preparing to finally produce  nuclear weapons, and without the support of their ally, the United States, Israel will not hesitate to launch a strike, perhaps even pre-emptive.

Thereby doing Obama’s dirty work for him.

Those of you who voted for this administration and “change” didn’t expect that change to come in the form of WWIII, now, did you?